Xilisoft Multiple Desktops | 7 Mb

Feel your desktop crowded due to many windows on it? Now, its time to clear up. Xilisoft Multiple Desktops is a multi desktop organizer and virtual desktop manager that can create multiple virtual desktops and perform desktop switching by mouse click or user defined hotkeys.

With the multi desktop manager, you can organize applications, documents and windows by categories in different desktops as you need, group them between desktops, arrange the desktops within a virtual screen and switch from one desktop to another one. Moreover, Xilisoft Multiple Desktops keeps your work safe with password protection feature and provides different display methods. And the hotkey settings are fully customized.

Xilisoft Multiple Desktops expands your workspace and gives you the ability to work on multiple desktops which makes your work more comfortable and effective without clutter.

  • Create multiple virtual desktops to increase your desktop space
  • Password protection secures your work contents on desktop
  • Customize hotkeys and specify numeric key to the target desktop
  • Switch between desktops easily and quickly with mouse or keyboard


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