World Record on Mt. Everest – History

 it was just too fascinating for me not to pass on.  Check it out – James Cluer, MW fulfills a lifetime goal (and what a goal) to climb Mount Everest – and takes the time to taste some wine while perched on the peak at a Mt. Everest base camp. Wow!
1922: Seven Sherpa climbers died in an avalanche becoming the first reported deaths on Mt. Everest.
1953: First Summit on May 29, 1953 by Mr. Tenzing Norgay of Nepal & Sir Edmund Percival Hillary of New Zealand via the South-East Ridge Route. (Lhotse face is to the South-East Ridge).

mount-everest-21965: Mr. Nawang Gombu Sherpa on May 20, 1965 became the first person to summit Everest twice. Both of his summits were via the South East Ridge, his first as a member of Mr. Jim Whittaker’s American Expedition where he became the 11th person to summit Everest. Out of the first seventeen summits of Everest, Nawang had two of them.
1975: Ms. Junko Tabei of Japan on May 16, 1975 became the first woman to reach the summit via the South-East Ridge.
1978: First Ascent without bottled oxygen by Mr. Peter Habeler of Austria and Reinhold Messner of Italy on May 8, 1978 via the South-East Ridge
1980: First Winter ascent by Mr. Krzyszt Wielicki of Poland on February 17, 1980.
1988: First ascent by woman without oxygen Ms. Lydia Bradey of New Zealand on October 14, 1988.
1990: First married couple to summit together by Mr. Andrej & Mrs. Marija Stremfelj of Slovenia on October 7, 1990. Marija was also the first Slovenian women to summit Everest.
1990: First father and son to summit together by Mr. Jean Noel Roche and his son Roche Bertrand aka Zebulon. They flew together on a tandem paraglider from the south Col. They landed at base camp on the October 7, 1990. Roche Bertrand was 17 years old at that time and became the youngest person to ever climb Everest.
1992: First two brothers to reach the summit together: Mr. Alberto and Mr. Felix Inurrategui on September 25, 1992.
1993: The first Nepalese woman, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, summits Everest but died descending from the Summit on April 23, 1993.
1998: Mr. Thomas Whittaker of U.S.A. is the first handicap (one leg artificial) to climb Mt. Sagarmatha.
1999: Mr. Babu Chiri Sherpa of Nepal became the first and only climber to sleep on the summit. Babu spent over 21 hours on the summit of Mt. Everest without oxyzen. He established the fastest record of 16 hrs 56 min. to reach the top on May 21, 2000. He has been successfull to summit Mt. Sagarmatha 10 times.
2000: Miss Lhakpa Sherpa of Nepal is the second Nepalese women to successfully summit Mt. Sagarmatha on May 18, 2000
2000: First Ski descent by Davo Karnicar.
2001: Mr. Temba Chiring Sherpa (16 yrs.) of Nepal, is the first youngest mountaineers to successfully climb Mt. Sagarmatha from north side on May 23, 2001.
2001: Mr. Erik Weihenmayer of USA became the first ever blind person to summit Mt. Everest on May 25, 2001.
2002: Miss Pemba Doma Sherpa is the third Nepalese woman to successfully climb Mt. Everest from both sides. She first climbed Mt. Everest from north side and bacame the first Nepali women to climb from North side on May 29, 2000 and from south side on May 16, 2002.
2003: Mr. Lakpa Gelu Sherpa of Nepal successfully holds the world record of fastest climbing on the top of world on May 26, 2003 for only 10 Hours 56 minutes and 46 seconds.
2003: Mr. Ang Chhiring Sherpa correspondent of Kantipur Daily from Nepal successfully climbed Mt. Sagarmatha on May 22, 2003. He is the first Nepalese journalist to climb the top of the World.
2003: Mr. Lakpa Gelu Sherpa, Mr. Da Nuru Sherpa and Mr. Jangbu Sherpa, three brothers scaled Mt. Everest on May 26, 2003 on same day.
2004: Mr. Pemba Dorjee Sherpa of Nepal successfully summit Mt. Sagarmatha by setting a new world record of fastest climbing. He completed the distance from Sagarmatha Base Camp to the summit in 8 hours and 10 minutes on May 21, 2004.
2005: Ms. Moni Mulepati, (24 Yrs) and Mr. Pem Dorjee (23 Yrs) of Nepal scaled Mt. Everest together and got married on top of the world.
2005: Mr. Appa Sherpa, (45 yrs) of Nepal successfully climbed Mt. Sagarmatha 16 times.

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