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Windows 10 Updates: Hello Night Mode –Next Windows 10

Microsoft is doing the same in Windows 10. Twitter user tfwboredom has been poking around the latest Windows insider build and found hints that the operating system will soon have a “blue light reduction” mode. Similarly to f.lux, this will automatically reduce the color temperature in the evenings as the sun sets and increase it in the mornings when the sun
Signs are that the feature will have a quick access button in the Action Center when it is eventually enabled.Apple recently built a color shifting feature into iOS, under the name Night Shift, and there are now
Microsoft is starting to tease some of the new features it has planned for Windows 10.
The Redmond technology firm has revealed it is working on a blue light reduction feature for a future update to its operating system.
The US firm this week pushed out a new build of Windows 10 to testers.
Few changes were visible from the outside, however, a number of clues about future features were unearthed within the beta software.

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References to a “BlueLightReduction” setting hidden deep within the next blockbuster update to Windows 10 – windows-10-wallpaper-updates-evisitnepalcodenamed Redstone 2, were discovered.But anyway, Microsoft have looked into it, and while on the whole, there doesn’t seem to be that many significant changes coming in the next update from the Redmond based tech firm, some Windows Insiders have seen the lightencoded deep within the Beta version of Windows 10.

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