short and sweet valentine poems

Night is falling my heart is calling
I feel so lonely I need u only
but I’ve got a teddy that I take to bed
if u’ll be my Valentine
I’ll take u instead

u’ve always been a total joy
Such pleasant company
I/We very much appreciate
Our compatibility!

Kisses Kisses Kisses
Oh, what should I do?
All I want is just one Kiss
From a special person like you.

On Valentine’s Day we think of those
Who make our lives worthwhile
Those gracious, friendly people who
We think of with a smile.

u’re in my thoughts and in my heart
Wherever I may go
On Valentine’s Day, I’d like to say
I care more than u know.

Love is more time to share.
It’s really when u care.
It’s two people joined.
I was in love with u
before u could drop a coin.

If I could wish to be anything
I’d wish to be ur tear
to be conceived by ur heart
born in ur eye
live on ur cheek
and die on ur lips

Valentine’s Day is for expressing affection
Fond thoughts are coming ur way
We’ve always had a special connection
So Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey u, u’re often on my mind
You’re a terrific person, one of a kind
I’m sending this poem, because I want to say
I’m thinking of u on Valentine’s Day!

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