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Keyword Selection Tipsson and dad

The selection of your Keyword or Keyword Phrase is perhaps the most important step in the purchase of your ExactSeek Featured Listing and essential to your listing’s performance. Please review the following tips and guidelines when selecting or modifying your keyword choices:

  • Keyword Targeting: For best results, select a Keyword or Keyword Phrase that is related to your product or service.
  • Correct Phrasing: Do NOT select meaningless keyword phrases.
    Acceptable: cheap dedicated web hosting
    Not Acceptable: hosting web dedicated cheap
  • Exact Searches: Your Featured Listing will appear in ExactSeek’s search results if searchers perform an exact search of your selected keyword or keyword phrase. For example, if you purchase the phrase “cheap web hosting”, your listing will appear if that exact phrase is searched. It may also appear if terms like “cheap” or “web hosting” are searched, but only if those terms have not been sold out.
  • Plurals and Case Sensitivity: Keywords and keyword phrases are not case sensitive so a search for ‘Clip Art’ is the same as ‘clip art’. However, pluralized words such as ‘webmaster’ and ‘webmasters’ are treated as different key words.
  • Non-Alpha Numeric Characters: In general, avoid the use of any non-alpha numeric characters in your keyword selection. Letters and numbers are fine. Do NOT use hyphens, periods, apostrophes, quotation marks, extra spaces, and other symbols (*, =, +, %, &, @, “) because they will prevent your listing from displaying.
    Acceptable: Online card games
    Not Acceptable: online, *card*, games
  • Phrase Length: The selection of a single keyword for your listing will almost certainly ensure that your Featured Ad Box is more frequently seen in ExactSeek’s search results. In general, the longer the keyword phrase, the less likely it is that it will be searched. However, most single keywords are too general to deliver targeted search traffic.
    Our recommendation is to select a well-considered two word, or at maximum, 3 word phrase. Recent studies have shown that more people are now using multiple word phrases when performing searches on the Net with the majority using two word phrases.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool: To determine which keyword phrases are most likely to be searched or to find alternate, but similar, phrases that you can use

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