Resco Photo Viewer 6.33| with key generator

Resco Photo Viewer 6.33| with key generator 1
One of the best image viewers. It enables you to view your video and image files and create your own digital photo album or presentation. – An ideal enhancement to your digital camera. It allows you to view your photographs easily and quickly, to store them in form of photo-albums which you can later edit, comment and send to your friends. – The SlideShow function allows you to present your family albums in a fancy manner. – Priceless for your business presentations. Just imagine: you pull the PocketPC out of the pocket of your jacket, connect it to a video projector using a VGA card and launch your PowerPoint presentation. Your boss or business partner will be delighted. – Suitable as a received fax viewer. – Great as a movie player. You can use this feature during your leisure time or during a long boring flight. – Suited for screen capture.
Platform: WM 5.0, Pocket PC 2003 (SE).

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