NOTICE Date: 14 April, 2020 From .np domain registration server. 1

NOTICE Date: 14 April, 2020 From .np domain registration server.



This notice is to confirm that on 13th April at 10:37 PM we became aware of a security breach to Mercantile’s .np domain registration server. The majority of the data in this server is public information available via the “whois” query. Our preliminary investigations suggest that all other .np domain services remain uncompromised and as such, continue to operate without any further breaches.

We are taking this incident seriously. Please note that this is a developing situation and we will notify customers if there are any significant developments. We will be implementing additional security measures designed to improve the overall security of the server. Until such time, new domain registrations will be temporarily halted.

We urge those who are attempting to breach the security of the server not to publicize any information and destroy any data so obtained.

Mercantile has been managing the .np domain for 25 years. We are currently providing this service to over 83,000 individuals and businesses completely free of charge with the mission to facilitate and support the digitization of Nepal.

We understand that a situation like this, at a time when our country is already dealing with a pandemic and lockdown, creates additional stress and anxiety. We ask for your patience and understanding as we do our level best to respond to this incident and get our domain registration service up and running again.

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