Kid Jokes

Q. What did the teddy bear say when he was offered dessert?
A. No thanks, I’m stuffed!

Q. Who sits on babies?
A. A babysitter.

Q. What has arms and legs, but no head?
A. A chair!

Q. What runs but never walks?
A. Water!

Q. What is white when it’s dirty and black when it’s clean?
A. A blackboard!

Q. What did the light say when it was turned off?
A. I’m delighted!

Q. What has a head and a tail but no body?
A. A coin!

Q. What do you call a fairy who doesn’t take a bath?
A. Stinker bell!

Q. What is the richest kind of air?
A. Millionaire.

Q. Why did the girl throw the clock out the window?
A. Because she wanted to see time fly!

Q. Which is faster, cold or heat?
A. Heat, you can catch a cold!

Q. What jam can’t be eaten on toast?
A. A traffic jam!

Q. Why did the golfer wear two sets of pants?
A. In case he got a whole in one!

Q. What two things can’t you have for dinner?
A. Lunch and breakfast!

Q. Why did the baker stop making doughnuts?
A. He got fed up with the whole business!

Q. What’s the hottest letter in the alphabet?
A. ‘B’, because it makes oil…Boil!

Q. Why did the pony cough?
A. He was a little hoarse!

Q. Why couldn’t the skeleton go to the dance?
A. He had no body to go with!

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