How to take Picture of Website |Computer Tips

Taking picture is very interesting and useful for many pictures. so here is some steps regarding how to take the picture of the website

Open the window you want to take the still picture of. The picture will be of everything that is on your computer screen. This can be a website you have opened, a document you are working on or even just a picture. No matter what it is, you will be able to take a picture of it.

Step 2
Look on your keyboard for the “Print Screen” button. This button is usually at the right-hand side of your computer by “Num Lock.” When you push the “Print Screen” button, the computer will make a copy of what is on the screen. Whatever is up is what you will get a picture of.

Step 3
Download a program for pictures. There are a couple of free ones you can use, like Irfanviewand Microsoft Paint. The majority of computers, especially the newer ones, have Paint already installed on them. You will need one of these programs to open the picture you copied.

Step 4
Open up one of the picture programs you downloaded. When that program is up and running, go to “Edit”, then to “Paste.” The picture you copied should now be up on the screen where you can see it. If needed, you can make any edits you want in this program.

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