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How to shutdown remote computer Easily

how to shutdown remote computers can be easy but it can be difficult sometimes when you don’t know about these. Here are some confined steps you have to know. These steps of tips to close or power off the remote computer then you can go through.

shutdown remote computer
shutdown remote computer

Steps on shutdown remote computer

Here are the simple steps to shut down the computer far away. Go to these tips.

  1. Right-click My Computer, choose to manage.
  2. Highlight the Computer Management (Local) then click on Action, choose connect to another web based computer.
  3. In the window that opens fill in the machine name of the PC you want to connect to and click ok.
  4.  Once connected right click on Computer Management (Remote machine name) and choose properties.
  5. Go to the “Advanced” tab and click the Settings button under Start up and recovery.
  6. Click on the Shutdown button.
  7. shutdown remote computer is completed


shutdown Easily by Command Prompt Method

Under action choose what you want to do (you can log off current user, shut down, restart, or power down. you can also choose if you want to force all applications to close, close hung apps, or wait for all apps to close by themselves).

The second way… Remember dos… that good old thing.

    • Open up a command prompt and enter in the following:

Type : %windir%System32shutdown.exe -r -m Machine name.

The command prompt has more switches and options.

or you can use shutdown -i , it opens the shutdown window and specify the remote computer’s name or IP address and choose the option whether you want to shutdown, log off or restart.

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