How to get Free Domain in 2020 ( Updated ) Request a Domain 1

How to get Free Domain in 2020 ( Updated ) Request a Domain

How to get Free Domain in 2020 Request a new Domain

There ar many folks and students checking out free domain for his or her comes, blogs and firms. .np ccTLD domain is totally free that is provided by Mercantile Communication aiming to expand the IT field in the Asian nations.

Anyone in the Asian nation will get a free name however one should verify that he/she is a Nepali subject.

How to get Free Domain in 2020 ( Updated ) Request a Domain 2

Getting name solely doesn’t make an entire web site. It should be hosted in an exceedingly internet server Before beginning to produce a site name you want to read Term and Conditions, needed Documents and list of obtainable and valid domain names first.

How to register a free domain name in Nepal 

1. Create a account on

Go to Which is Nepal’s official .np Domain Registration site.
Before starting to create a domain name you must read Term and ConditionsRequired Documents and list of available and valid domain names first.


Simply open this link and fill the form. For Nepali citizen , you should have covered letter and citizenship scanned copy.

rest you can take help from emails too.


subscribe / like/ comments / share among friends to get their free website after submitting following documents

scanned copy of a cover letter (handwritten) and citizenship (or similar document) to verify yourself.

Both front and back view of citizenship must be shown in the scanned copy, and the image (scanned copy) should be less than 800 KB. You can also use your camera to get the photos.

After that Photoshop the images to get both sides in a single image on it. Also if the file gets greater than 800 KB decrease the pixel of your document. I recommend to use jpeg image format because it is compressed and is smaller in size than other image formats. If you need more compression you can try save for web option in Photoshop.


For example. 

if your name is evisitnepal

you can get, or ( must be more then 3 digits or numbers )


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