How to create Hidden Folder in windows|computer Tips

Usually, people will create a hidden folder in modern Windows operating
system by setting the folder properties as hidden. But it’s not really
convenient since you have to alter the file/folder viewing setting everytime you
wish to view the hidden folder.

Is there any shortcut to this?

The method below was applied using Windows Vista, but I think you can do it
with Windows XP or some earlier Windows versions as well. To create a hidden
folder without having to mess up with the file/folder viewing setting…

1) Firstly, on your desktop press Right Click -> “New” -> “Folder”

2) Rename the folder and press Alt0160 simultaneously (use Alt key plus the
numbers in numpad). You will see the folder name disappear.

3) Right-click on the folder, and clock on “Properties” -> “Customize”.
Change the folder icon into none.


The folder will reappear when you highlight all the icons on your desktop or
click on the spot where the ‘hidden folder’ is located.

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