How to Change Windows 7 logon Screen |Easy Steps

Steps and easy way to change the logon screen of the windows seven .

change logon screen windows 7


0) login as administrator, Run->”takeown/f %systemdir%imageres.dll”

1) get latest version of resource replacer from here: h__p://angusj.com/resourcehacker

2) open file %systemdir%imageres.dll

3) open branch “IMAGE”, then “5031″ and “1033″
here you will see your default windows logon screen image

4) click on “1033″ with right-button and choose “replace resource”

5) “Open file with new resource” and find your 1280×1024 jpeg wallpaper (use Paint for file conversion, if needed)

6) Fill in “Resource Type” field with “IMAGE”

7) Fill in “Resource Name” field with “5031″

8.) Fill in “Resource Language” field with “1033″

9) Press replace button and save the file

10) Press ctrl+alt+del to check the logon screen

1) You might get error while saving the new file as the old one might be in use firing the access violation error. The best way is to boot-up a live cd/usb and replace the file from there or schedule a replacement batch on reboot.

2) If your replaced image is not shown immediately after you pressed “Replace” button and the tool hangs for a minute or so and you see array of numbers, then your image contains metadata and needs conversion through Paint.


Download a free utility called the Tweaks.com Logon Changer that will allow you change the logon screen background with just a few clicks.

After you download and start the utility just click Change Logon Screen and then select your new background.

The new background will be active as soon as you select the new background. Click Test to see it in action.

Make sure that the background you select is smaller than 256KB, otherwise it will be rejected because of a size limitation set by Microsoft.

If you want to remove your customized background just click Revert to Default Logon Screen and the registry changes will be removed.

If you cannot download the utility from the link listed above click below to download it.

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