Google buzz shortcuts

Enable Keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

1. Goto Gmail.com & login into your account.
2. Click Settings link at top right.
3. Under ‘General’ tab, click to select ‘keyboard shortcuts ON’ option.
4. Then click ‘save changes’ button & you are all set to use shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcut hotkeys for Google Buzz

gb to open Google Buzz in Gmail inbox [gb stands for Google Buzz. Easy to remember, isn’t it?]

n to goto newer or next conversation [n stands for new]

p to goto previors or older conversation [p stands for previous]

j to scroll through displayed conversations or items. [j for jump]

o to open or expand any conversation [o stands for open]

r to add comment to any conversation [r stands for response]

m to mute a conversation [it removes specific conversation from listing]

Shift + l to like a conversation [l stands for like, same as in Google Reader]

Spacebar for page down action.

Shift + Spacebar for page up action.

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