Good Morning Wishes

(1) Life ‘s like a piano the white keys represent happiness & Black show sadness
But as u go through life ‘s journey remember that the black keys too make music!!!
Good morning…

(2) Receive this gift of salam
R@pped with love
Tied with care &
Sealed with dua
To keep u safe &
Happy on every day!!!
Good morning…

(3) We’re not too close in distance,
We’re not too near in miles,
But text can still touch our hearts and
Thoughts can bring us smiles…
Good morning…

(4) Every morning
U r handed 24 golden hrs.
They r one of d few things-
In diz world tht u get free of charge
…if u had all the money in a world
U can’t buy an extra hr…..
What will u do wid diz priceless treasure,,,,?
Good morning…

(5) Where god opened the window of the h@aven he asked me
What is your wish for today-
“I said please take special care of the person reading this !!!”
Good morning…

(6)Sleeping duration-
For women 6 hrs,
For men 7 hrs,
For children 8 hrs,
For monkey 10 hrs,
Hello my dear ur 10 hrs is over
Get up lazy b@m!!!
Good morning…

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