Entertainment & Sports in Nepal

In modern days Nepal is also adopted several globally renowned sports- Football and Cricket are the most popular sport among of them in Nepal. And except these Swimming,elephant-Evisitnepal_polo
Volleyball, Tennis, Marshal Art Games, Boxing, Wrestling, Kho Kho, Kabardi, Running, Weightlifting, Basketball, Shooting, Archery, Badminton and Gulf are also much popular as armature games. Concerning the reorganization of nation, Nepal has also developed various infrastructure programs and established academies to produce players as regarding games. To develop sport culture in Nepal there are also established many clubs and sport grounds in cities of nation wise.
The Himalayan Mountains in Nepal is renowned as a place where people gain enlightenment or peace.
Nepal has also several festive games as traditional sports of various regions which belongs ethnical groups all over the country. In the Mountain and Himalayan regions people participated for their game show during many times of year in different cultural occasions. Some of the most renowned traditional sports of remote are – Horse Ridding, Race, Mountain Horse Polo, Bull Race, Sheep Fighting and Archery. Horse Ridding and Archery are very popular game in Trans Himalayan districts of Manang, Mustang and Dolpo’s remote area. People of there celebrate and play these games as their typical culture during the festive moments. Sheep Fighting and Bull Race are also most popular in Annapurna region’s Kaski and Lamjung areas of pasture land. For cultural and religious entertainment they also celebrate many typical festivals- in high mountain valleys of various region of the country.
Tiji festival of Upper Mustang, Mani Rimdu Festival in Himalayan region’s monasteries, Baden (Festival of Warfare) of Manang, Gai Jatra (Festival of Cow), Ghode Jatra (Horse Race Festival) of Kathndu valley, Sakela Nachof Rai Community, Tharu Dance Culture, of Tarai, Rodhi Culture of Gurung community, Traditional Instrumental Music competition,  Dohari Culture of mid-west, Teej Parva (Festival of Women) and Deuda Culture of far-west community in Nepal are most popular entertaining culture festive occasions. There are many different other festivals in Nepal which have deep religious and cultural value as well entertaining, welcoming and farewell to the months, season and prosperous days- Dashain Festival, TiharBuddha Purnima (Buddha’s birthday), Lohsar (New Year of Buddhist community), Nag Panchami, Holi (Festival of Color), Nepali New Year, Janai Purnima, Shiva RatriFestival and Bhoto Jatra are the best known of them.

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