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COD band was officially launched by Music dot com on 2004
and back then we were called C.O.D (crush on devil) and not (Children of Dharan)”just a rumor leaked from image channel”
We were 3 member group Alis , Sweekar and Salman
Our 1st single was ekanta chha thau and 2nd was sanjha ko bela
Then after a really long time we are releasing the 2nd official
album called Road to Stardom under our own recoard lable Superstar Entertainment
Now we hav changed the name to C.O.D ( Crews on Destiny ) along with a new band member.
We r now just 2 member group Alis and Bidhan
In this album we hav done all the compositon,lyrics, video direction, Editing,and Album cover designing ourself.
This album content mostly Rn’B and Pop flavour Songs.
We hav given alot of thought and time in makin this album a reality.
So with our finger crossed hope it will grow to be a great recoard as we hav hoped for.
Current members
– Alis Rana
– Bidhan


Bhana k garu V1

Bhana k garu V2



timro yadama

Mahasus Unplug Drums

I was ur Superstar

Mahasus unplug without Drums

Kura Haru

Harek Tapkeko Jhari

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