Creative and Unusual Knives

10 Creative and Unusual Knives

The most unusual
modern knives
and creative
knife designs
that will spice
up anyone’s knife

SScissor Knife

Scissor Knife

Manticuda Knife

With multi-faceted edge design this knife gives the user more cutting angles than standard configured knives.

Manticuda Knife

NeoLithic Knives

Unusual knives inspired by the shape of Stone Age tools for a more basic approach to chopping, cutting, scraping, mincing and scooping.

NeoLithic Knives

Belt Knife/h2>

TTactical belt knife system features stainless steel combo blade knife to give you the upper hand in self defense situations.

Belt Knife

Pen Knives/h2>

TThese handy knives are functional ink pens. Just twist the handle to extend the pen point, or pull apart to reveal the blade.

Pen Knives

Shark Knife/h2>

EExtremely dangerous looking shark inspired edged weapon.

Shark Knife

Lipstick Knife

Take off the cap and twist to expose a 1 1/4″ serrated knife blade.

Lipstick Knife

Evidence Knife/h2>

BBloody kitchen knife is gift-boxed with the official evidence tag.

Evidence Knife

Dive Utility

MMade from a single piece of CPM S110V for extreme corrosion resistance and toughness in waterborne environments.

Dive Utility Knife

Key Shaped Pocket

BBarely larger than an ordinary key, this creative pocket knife will look great on your keychain.

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