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Dashain Aayo दशैं आयो – Popular

Published on Sep 13, 2016 Dashain Aayo दशैं आयो is popular Nepali Festival Rhyme for our lovely nepalese kids all over the World. Watch our typical traditional Nepalese Songs which we are used to sing in childhood. Please do share and SUBSCRIBE for more videos! दशैं आयो दशैं आयो खाउँला पिउँला काहाँ पाउँला चोरी ल्यउँला […]


Happy Teej to All Nepali !

Teej is the festivals of Hindus culture which is celebrate across the World in Hindus Religious and culture. Teej is basically celebrated in Nepal and India Eastern Regions. This is festivals which is Rituals believe and Faith. The festivals which are celebrate for Life partner Long Life. These festivals have been celebrated long long ago […]


Festivals Details 12 Months Times –Enjoy And Entertain in Nepal

Nag Panchami (Aug) On this day Snakes (Nagas) are honored, since it is believed that they possess all sorts of magical power, especially power over monsoon rain. Pictures of the Nagas are hung over the doorways of houses and this not only propitiates the snakes but also keeps harm away from the household. Gai Jatra […]


Festival Details -Nepal –More

Swasthani (Jan – Feb) The Swasthani Festival takes place between January and February. The Goddess Swasthani’s three eyes burn like the sun. She is the ultimate giver of gifts although if insulted, she can make life miserable. By worshipping Swasthani, Parbati attained Lord Shiva as her husband. In the worship rites of Swasthani (as set […]


Festival in Nepal –CHAD PARVA NEPALI–Nepali & English Versions

Names of Festival Navavarsha (Nepali New Year)   Bisket Jatra Lok Tantra Dibas Dumji May Dibas Changu Narayan Rath Yatra Mata Tirtha Aaushi (Mother’s day) Kirat Dibas Kanun Diwas   Red Machhendranath Rath Jatra Sita Jayanti Ubhauli Parba Buddha Jayanti Ganatantra Diwas Tulshi Beej Ropan Aakadasi Panauti Rath Yatra Bishow Khelkud Dibas   Tulshi Ropank […]



Nava Rath Nauratha नौं रथा During the nine days of Dashain, people take holy bath in nine divine places. This tradition is called Nava rath. People go to various river confluences early in the mornings to take bath and visit sacred temples and shrines during afternoons. The following river confluences around Kathmandu valley are considered […]


Nyatapolo|five story temple|Bhaktapur

Nyatapola ,five story pagoda temple located in Bhaktapur,is of the temples that are still in existence  which was built in 1702 A.D. under the rule of King Bhupatindra Malla. This beautifully sculptured building is considered one of the tallest pagodas in the country .This temple was build within 5 month period         […]