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Pranamaya’s vision is to create a strong yoga community within Kathmandu. We would like to encourage as many
people as possible to take up some kind of yoga practice, since we believe that yoga has a great positive
impact, not only on individual lives but also on communities as a whole.
Yoga has been offering a variety of courses according to our participants requests and needs for more than a decade. Anyone who is interested in these life transforming courses can attend on any day around the year.we-want-peace-evisitnepal we-love-yoga-e-visit-nepal peace-yoga-evisitnepal peace-nepal-evisitnepal-view omnama-shivaya-peacenepal-yogaevisitnepal nepal-yoga-peace-evisitnepal nepali-couple-evisitnepal

The main benefits of Sadhana Yoga courses and the yogic lifestyles they lead to include:

  • Experiencing a yogic, family environment in Nepal
  • De-stress, relieve any digestive problems and reduce obesity
  • Relieve long-term depression and fatigue
  • Stretch the whole body, and relieve long-term neck and back pain
  • Help to quit smoking or any other unhealthy addictions
  • Relax, rejuvenate and refresh the body and mindnepal-honeymoon-peace
  • Improve clarity of mind
  • Feel spiritually uplifted
  • Detoxify your Body; Remove the waste from your body. Enjoy youthful health once again!

You can find out more information throughout this website, in the Lonely Planet guide book or by word of mouth. Whichever way you hear about us, please do not miss out on this great opportunity to experience a yoga/meditation retreat at Sadhana Yoga in Nepal the country with a vibrant culture and beautiful mountain ranges.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you!Sadhana Yoga offers an ideal location, systematic teachings on Hatha Yoga and meditation, nutritious, Ayurvedic and organic meals and a warm and nurturing environment. We also offer ancient techniques of gastro-intestinal cleansing which are very beneficial and fruitful for everyone. Anyone from the age of 8 to 80 can attendnepal-hikers-zone-picture-evisitnepal these courses and finish with the feeling of completeness and fulfillment.

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