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Best practices to avoid corona-related cyber attacks

On the prowl

Cyber attackers are preying on the fear among people regarding the novel coronavirus. Various cyber experts have warned that only verified emails and links on social media websites should be opened in order to save yourself from falling prey to these phishing attacks.Best practices to avoid corona-related cyber attacks 1

WHO cautions

The World Health Organisation has cautioned users worldwide to refrain from clicking on spam mails. The organisation shared that only links that start with should be opened. It also advised users to refrain from sharing personal information and passwords on links they don’t recognise.

‘Coronavirus map’

Recently, the Superintendent of Police of Dhule in Maharashtra warned people against clicking any coronavirus-related links as cyber scamsters are using a malware called “coronavirus map” to steal confidential data. According to a PTI report, the malware installs a spyware on your system to steal confidential data.


Corporate risk

Not just individuals, even corporates are at a greater risk as work-from-home exposes confidential company data to phishing attacks due to inadequate firewall protection on home networks vis-a-vis corporate set ups.


Best practices

The World Economic Forum advises corporates to extend the best practices followed within the enterprise on security to all those who are working remotely. On their part, individuals can maintain good password hygiene and update their systems and software, the WEF writes.Best practices to avoid corona-related cyber attacks 2


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